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Teacher training

Last year two amazing volunteers, Praveena, a retired Indian American Teacher and her husband Bharat, came to work together with our teachers; they shared their knowledge and years of teaching experience. They gave awareness classes about drugs, alcohol, violence and child abuse. This year they came back and stayed four months with us! They continued the awareness classes and started workshops to train our teachers to help them recognise the needs of every individual student. They learned some simple steps to prepare a lesson, what to keep in mind before you start a lesson and during your lesson, what they should notice in the classroom, how to prepare a lesson plan, etc. In this way we will work to improvement and quality of the lessons, to help every child in it’s development at both academically as interpersonal level.

We want to thank Bharat and Praveena to come and volunteer at our SISP Centre. They are two wonderful people, who are really motivated and passionate about what they do. We are looking forward to see you next year!

Our intern Lieselot (student Applied Psychology, at the moment studying for a degree in Sustainable Development) came for a four-month internship to SISP. She has continued and followed up the teacher training with workshops / awareness classes about aggressive behaviour in the class, autism, dyslexia, special need students, student observation and – testing. She shared some useful documents with the teachers, to make student observations more accurate, to find the strengths, weaknesses and the improvements of each student. Lieselot, thank you for your great help to our social workers, teachers and students!

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