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Social Employment Program

One of the main goals of SISP is to find and/or create jobs for unemployed youngsters and women from impoverished backgrounds who have had little or no schooling, and therefore little chance in finding a decent job in regular employment market. In order to offer a technical training, work experience and to provide an income for these people, SISP set up it’s Social Employment Program (SEP).


SISP believes that in the long run, the exchange of work, for money is of more value than the traditional social aid, which keeps it’s beneficiaries dependent. The SEP consists of several handicraft units working with three kinds of material: coconut shell, paper and textiles. As we try to be as eco-friendly as possible, almost all of our handicrafts are made out of waste materials, such as newspapers, magazines, fabric leftovers, coconut shells…


In order to supply well designed and qualitative products, we sometimes purchase other materials, even though we really do try to minimize this as much as possible. Especially in a country like India which is facing gigantic environmental problems with no proper waste control management and a growing class of poverty - stricken, uneducated and therefore unemployed youngsters and women - initiatives like SEP are much needed.




All our handicrafts are available at the Surf & Handicraft shop in Kovalam.

And on the online shops  : and



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A way to support our projects is by purchasing our unique handicraft items available for sale in the Kovalam Surf Club's Surf Shop located just off Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam. 


The Surf Shop hours are from 10h to 17h during the peak season from October to May. During the off season please give a call and someone will gladly open the doors for you!

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