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Coconut Shell Products

There is one thing that symbolizes the state of Kerala for every visitor: the coconut palm tree. You simply cannot miss the sight of millions of these trees lining the golden beaches, roads and filling up every free space. The fruit of this palm is of vital value for the locals: the milk, flesh and husk of the coconut can be used to make oil, food, fuel, cosmetics and fibre, whilst the shell has been traditionally crafted for centuries to make utensils. This is where SISP got the idea to upgrade these traditionally handmade utensils into high-end, beautifully designed items, both with a functional as well as a purely aesthetical purpose.


Every month some of SEP’s employees collect hundreds of coconuts in the area. The milk and flesh of the fresh coconuts are used in the S.I.S.P. school lunches whereas the shells are given a new life, being cut, drilled and sanded into a desired shape. After several hours of fine handwork, our skilled staff delivers a beautiful variety of products which we proudly present to you.

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Salt Shaker
Soup Bowl
Sugar Jar
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