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Get Involved at S.I.S.P.


Our centre is located just outside the popular tourist destination of Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam. If you are traveling South India and would like to visit us and learn more about our organization, we offer free informational tours on Fridays from 11.00 until 13.00. If these times are absolutely not possible, then please call our school office to discuss possible alternatives: +912483309 or +912481309


Items from our Social Employment Program are available for purchase which are wonderful souvenirs for friends and family at home. 


We always welcome donations of school supplies, gently worn clothing, play equipment and other useful materials. 


For more information CLICK HERE. 


Sebastian Indian Social Project welcomes volunteers for a minimum commitment of three months.


Volunteers can assist  our teachers, kitchen staff and sometimes our handicraft unit. 


We ask our volunteers to respect the local culture and traditions which you can read about below. We expect our volunteers to be prompt and trustworthy individuals as the children's wellbeing is our highest priority.


Note: All SISP volunteers must have an employment visa for volunteer work during their period at the centre.


To download our volunteer guidelines, click the files below:


Are you a student and looking for an exciting internship during your studies? Come join us!

We offer internships in several diverse academic bachelors. 

1. Students completing a BA in Social Work can intern with our team of local social workers. Interns can accompany on home visits and sit in on micro-credit group meetings by local women. 

2. Students graduating with a BA in Education can apply as teaching assistants to work in our free second change education school. 


3. Students who are obtaining a BA in Orthopedagogy can participate in our care group with children who face physical and mental challenges. Students can collaborate with care group teachers in organizing workshops to improve the well-being of the children.


4. Students completing a BA in Marketing / Business Administration can intern in our Social Employment Program and assist the local team.

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