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Meals with care

A lot of families suffer from their financial problems. They don't have proper houses, they don't have clean drinking water, don't have money to see a doctor, they have no money to buy food... To have food is an important thing. A lot of families don't have access to this basic need. With S.I.S.P. we wanted to do something for the families who are really in need of having food. We decided to start a project with giving one meal a day to 5 families. The project is still in probation time, but so far everything goes very well. Every afternoon our staff brings the food to 5 of the most needed. The food is giving in iron boxes, that are very hygienic and easy to transport. In the future we hop

School Trip

Last Monday, we went with the children on a schooltrip, up to the beautifull nature of Kerala. After one hour on the party bus, we stopped for a proper breakfast and continued our trip to our first destiny. The Jawarhal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute in Palode. Even though we got struck by the heat, the children loved the peaceful place. We saw the amazing Fauna and Flora that India offers us, walked through forests of bamboo, saw wild monkeys, and learned about the biodiversity of India. After walking some hours, we deserved some rest and set our course further on our way for a good lunch. After a Kerala meal, and lots of water we continued the trip to the second des

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