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SISP Netherlands stops after so many years of sponsoring !

Dear Friends in India! Today we came together for the last board meeting of SISP the Netherlands. Although we all knew from the beginning that SISP NL would stop in 2015 (end of the millenium goals) it is a day with different emotions. On one hand we are really proud on the progress SISP India made during the last years (from the small school on the roof to a multifunctional new center, the development of new sustainable workshops & the professionalisation of the organization). Big steps forward, coordinated by very motivated and passionated people (the management team and all other employees). On the other hand it is a sad day since we cut off our official connection to SISP India. We gave

New School boards

Mia, president SISP Belgium, and Suus, loyal volunteer for years, visited our SISP Center last January. During their stay they noticed the need for new school boards. As they got some gifts from SISP sympathizers before their journey, we decided to use this money to buy four new school boards. Our teachers and Children are very happy !

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