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Training to empower the women

Today was the last day of the three-days training for our social workers and members of the micro credit groups. The training contained several classes with different subjects. They had classes about personal development,domestic violence against women and children, gender and gender perspectives, waste managment, organic farming... These training was in collaboration with the women empowerment centre Sakhi. For both of them it was very interessting to see all these different things and learn to improve their lives. Most of the groups are Muslim women, they used to stay inside all day. But in a couple of years some changes came along and with the micro credit groups. they started to come o

Upcycling plastic

Last week our kids got an awarenessclass about the environment. They learned what's happening with our world and what the impact of the polution is in the global warming. In the morning they got an interactive class to learn about what global warming and polution is. In the afternoon we decided to take some action. Only learning about it doesn't help. We also have to do something. The kids cleaned the school from all the plastic and made a beautifull art piece of all the plastic. Instead of throwing it away, in the sea and in the nature, we can make things out of plastic ! They learned that they we only have one world, and that it's time to take care of it. Well done kids !

Goodbye days

Last month we had to say goodbye to a lot of people. But for us a goodbye is never a farewell ! Bharat & Pravina left us with a big hart and beautiful words. Day in and day out they were prepared to give the best of themselves to improve SISP and improve the school. They helped the English teachers to upgrade the English lessons and learned the kids some beautiful and important life lessons. Like we said before, we don’t say goodbye but see you soon ! Freek and Luc also did some great work. Work or progress is the name of the project that they implemented in SISP. For two weeks long, Freek and Luc followed two kids from Vizhinjam to show the differences and the similarities between the two

Thank you KA 4 Kovalam

The past two weeks, KA Brugge a school from Belgium came to India with 14 students and 3 teachers to volunteer in SISP. Their first week they painted some beautifull wall paintings in the classrooms. The results are amazing ! Besides that they helped with the social workers to improve the lives of 30 beneficiaries by giving them a waterfilter, sponsored by Waves 4 Water. The waterfilters provide them clean drinking water. All our beneficiaries live in very poor areas and don't have any access to clean drinking water. This because of financial problems, lack of care from the government and no supplies to get clean water. Clean drinking water is really important for the health of the people. B

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