Goodbye days

Last month we had to say goodbye to a lot of people. But for us a goodbye is never a farewell !

Bharat & Pravina left us with a big hart and beautiful words. Day in and day out they were prepared to give the best of themselves to improve SISP and improve the school. They helped the English teachers to upgrade the English lessons and learned the kids some beautiful and important life lessons. Like we said before, we don’t say goodbye but see you soon !

Freek and Luc also did some great work. Work or progress is the name of the project that they implemented in SISP. For two weeks long, Freek and Luc followed two kids from Vizhinjam to show the differences and the similarities between the two. One of the kids is a SISP student and the other kid was working with the fisherman. They followed them from morning until night, no directing, just the reality. Everything they filmed and every image they captured, shows the real life of the situations most of the kids have to deal with.

In the beginning of October the project should be finished and every captured moment will be found on a new kind of interactive website. We are very curious to see the result !

After the two weeks of filming and living with the two boys, Freek went back to the Netherlands and Luc stayed another 2 weeks and volunteered as doctor. He did some great work for some of our beneficiaries who needed medical care. He went along with the social workers for cleaning and taking care of wounds.

Together with Dr. Ann from the Belgian school, he did a medical check-up for all the kids and staff from SISP. They also took care of the medicines and checked everything if it’s still necessary to have some medicines in the school.

For us volunteers are really important to keep SISP alive, they bring new ideas, improve projects or implement new ideas or projects. We are really honoured that we can work with such wonderfull persons.

We are really thankfull for all the great work you guys did.

We also had to say goodbye to Jelle, this time he couldn't stay as long as he always comes. But as always he did some great work for SISP and the Surfclub. He brought new clothes, helped the surfclub with some administration. Together with the Belgian school he arranged the waterfilters and provided 30 families of clean drinking water. Thank you for everything, your unconditional commitment and we will see you soon !

The last person we had to say goodbye to is our English teacher Pramod. You did some amazing work the last 2 years, you were a good man to our kids. Good luck with your new job in Oman and w

e wish you all the best !

Namasté !

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