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Thanks and farewell to SISP Netherlands 2007 - 2014


SISP-Center India held a thanks and farewell moment today for SISP Netherlands. Henk represented SISP Netherlands and held a speech in name of their president Ton Groenendijck. Henk spoke about the huge amount of work done by Ton and SISP Nederland for SISP. He told that as agreed SISP Nederland stops now that many millenium goals has been reached. Henk felicitated in name of SISP Netherlands the team of SISP India because it has become much more professional and has expanded a lot. He continued that they find SISP so extra ordinary special because nowhere in the world they've seen a school where the kids besides learning language and maths also can learn to dance, to surf, to skate and much more. When he told that the kids in SISP must be very extraordinary when they are studying in such an extraordinary school, he got a thundering applause. SISP Nederland gave as farewell gift a large SMART TV with a sound system that can be used in the classes. The movie "Slumdog Millionaire" was showed today and everybody enjoyed it. The function ended with soft drinks and sweets and a big thanks from the management to Ton for his continued commitment to SISP over the past years. They expressed that they were very sorry that their Manager Paul and Ton (pres. SISP Nederland) couldn't be there because they are both abroad at the moment.


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