Thank you KA 4 Kovalam

The past two weeks, KA Brugge a school from Belgium came to

India with 14 students and 3 teachers to volunteer in SISP.

Their first week they painted some beautifull wall paintings in the classrooms.

The results are amazing !

Besides that they helped with the social workers

to improve the lives of 30 beneficiaries by giving them a waterfilter, sponsored by Waves 4 Water.

The waterfilters provide them clean drinking water.

All our beneficiaries live in very poor areas

and don't have any access to clean drinking water.

This because of financial problems, lack of care from the government and no supplies to get clean water.

Clean drinking water is really important for the health of the people.

Because they don't have any access to proper water, a lot of people become sick.

The families have to face this problem every day.

Now we could help 30 families to improve their lives a little bit.

Every change is helpful !

That's why we and our beneficiaries are really gratefull.

We are really thankfull for their unconditional commitment.

The whole year they worked really hard to fund an amount of

almost 19.000 euro.

What a team !

KA 4 Belgium thank you for your great work !

See you soon

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