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Emma and Laura, two Belgian interns, have been with us from October – December 2016. They have been of great help for our teachers and SISP students by giving extra attention and explanation to the students in need, especially regarding different subjects as Mathematics and English. They joined for house visits as well; if a student doesn’t attend in the lessons for 3 days in a row, one of the class teachers will visit their family to find out why the student did not come to school. In this way we hope to reduce the chance to drop out again and to stimulate and motivate the students to come to school every day.

In September one Belgian nurse, Stefanie, came to volunteer at SISP. She was of great help for our social workers and beneficiaries.

Two Belgian interns ‘Social Work’, Jonas and Linde, have been with us for three months from January- April, to work closely with our (Skate Club) students, social workers and SEP staff. Jonas has been involved with the SEP, to calculate the in- and outcomes, how to work more efficiently and together with our ‘old-intern’ Celeste he worked on a new line of Linen bags with a nice Lotus and Elephant design. Linde has been motivating more girls to participate in sports activities in SISP, by giving a weekly dance class for all female (tuition) SISP students. It was a great success and the girls had a lot of fun!

Jonas and Linde also gave an awareness class to our SISP students about hygiene, including the importance of washing hands and brushing teeth. As all our students come from a poor family background, they are often not so keen on hygiene. Brushing teeth doesn’t happen very often, they don't know how to brush properly or they are sharing a tooth brush (often in bad condition) with their family members... Our students learned about the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy, so no diseases will enter their body this way. Wash your hands with soap before you eat and brush your teeth twice a day was the message here!

Our intern Lieselot has been involved with the teacher training, please check the news item 'Teacher Training' for more details!

Dear Emma, Laura, Stefanie, Jonas, Linde and Lieselot, we are very happy you have shared your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm with us at SISP! Good luck with completing your studies and we hope to see you back one day!

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